28 Feb 2011

Stylish Blogger Award :-)

Good morning

Typical!  Following on from yesterday's post when I was saying what a lovely spring day we were having it's back to being cold, wet and dreary today.  To top it off my OH has kindly passed his cold onto me so I am not feeling too great today :-(  Oh well things could be much worse so enough of my moaning!

I am honoured to have received the Stylish Blogger Award from 2 lovely ladies ... Edna and Leann :-) 

Here are the requirements:

1)  I have to thank the person who presented me with the award ~ Thank you Edna and Leann xx

2)  I have to pass it on to 8 other bloggers.

3)  I then have to tell you 8 things about myself ~ this is the bit I don't like lol!

I would like to pass this award onto the following:

8 things about me!

1. I don't have a sweet tooth.

2. I have a phobia of rats.

3. I would love to live in a seaside town.

4. I have worked for the NHS for 17 years.

5. I have a OCD habit of checking things are turned off several times before leaving the house.

6. I'm a nail biter.

7. I love wearing jeans.

8. I have a beautiful border collie called Jake.  He was my dad's dog but came to live with us 2 years ago when my dad died. 

That's all from me!  The children are back to school today so I really need to do some housework!


Debbie said...

a big thank you for thinking of me Lisa and sending me this award, you star.
Must tell you tho.....I love "Rats" and had two as pets, they were the best pets I hve ever had, like two small dogs!! I know, they have awful tails, well not to me, they were so loveing and playful, I had hours of fun with them. Sorry!! Oh and I a nailbiter aswell, we are naughty. Debbiexx

Christine said...

Hi Lisa congrats on your award & many thanks for thinking of me..I really have to get these awards posted very soon...same bitter cold day here on north east coast, at least I can get bedding dry on the line in the biting wind..LOL..hope you feel better soon.

smiles Christine xx

Diane's Card Designs said...

CONGRATULATIONS Lisa on winning your award. You must be so proud of yourself. And a big thankyou for thinking of me and sending me the award. It was a lovely surprise when I turned my computer on... lol The children are just coming in from school I'll go and start preparing tea. Thankyou again :-D
I hope your feeling better soon!

Diane xx

Donna said...

Thank you so much for passing your award onto me Lisa and congratulations for receiving it in the first place. So sorry to hear you have been poorly...hope you are on the mend soon...hugz :) Donna x