23 Apr 2009

Weight Watchers!!

Good Afternoon

I have been thinking for a while about joining Weight Watchers and today was the day I finally decided to do it! When I met Chris I was a size 10 but over the years my weight has gradually increased and I am now a size 16/18! He never says anything to me about my weight but I am sure he must think it. To keep me motivated I am going to post on here every Thursday after my weigh-in. Really must go and do some housework and hopefully I will get a chance to make a card tonight.

Hope you are all having a good week.


Tara said...

Good luck with it Lisa, I really should join you! Hope you can achieve your goal ;o) xx

Unknown said...

Good Luck Lisa, let me know how you get on. I need to go on a diet too, but they all go on about exercise, which is a bit of a bind, as I cannot even go up and down stairs. love Avril xx ps I really love your blog, butterflies and glitter magic

Macpurp said...

my mate is doing well on weightwatchers, we are both eating more healthy as I cook for her twice a week.
good luck with this.
love tina x

The Crafty Blonde said...

Hi Lisa,
Well done you for making that step. Just like you I was quite petite when I met my hubby I was size 6-8. I am now a 14. I went to weight watchers last year and lost just over a stone and went back down to a lovely size 10. I was very happy until my doctor changed my medication and I have now put that + some back on. I have rejoined weight watchers and got myself a wii fit so will be doing it along with you.
Lyndsey xx

Unknown said...

HI there,

Good Luck, hope you get on well, I to am in the same situation although exercise i can do is limited due to beaking my ankle very badly a few years ago and it now being pinned in place with restricted movement, but have been thinking I need to go back to WW, so might get myself along this week, looking forward to hearing how you get on, Go Girl xx