17 Sept 2008

New to this!


Last night I finally decided to get into the world of blogging. I keep looking at other people's blogs thinking to myself this looks fun but up until now haven't been brave enough to do it lol! There are lots of fantastic blogs and don't think mine will ever be that good but thought I would have a go anyway.


Lynsey said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for visiting my blogg and adding me to your blogging list. I would love to see some of your cards too! I have really been enjoying taking part in the different challenge blogs, you will have to give them ago! I will add you to my blogging list if thats ok and be back when you have posted some cards!
Hugs Lynsey :)

Sarah said...

Hi Lisa, Thanks for your comment on my blog, looking forward to seeing some of your cards

Sarah x

Ruth (ooffee) said...

The first step's the hardest, so congratulations on doing that!

Don't worry that yours isn't like anyone else's - it's a reflection of you, so it should be different!

Look forward to visiting again soon!
Ruth x

Yvonne said...

Hi Lisa
Welcome to the world of blogging - I look forward to seeing your cards and will pop back soon xx

Kathleen said...

Thanks for commenting over on my blog!

Welcome to the blogging world!!
Let me know if you need any help - can't guarantee I'll be able to help but I can try!!